Sunday, December 5, 2010

Before They Was The Main Attraction

In today's music industry you tend not to see too many artist paying dues to be on the big stage. A lot now it's a gimmick and get rich marketing plan to get some mediocre record to get radio spins or being played on the channels Viacom built and destroyed (MTV & BET). As I do my independent research on music, I find that a lot of artist bounced around from different groups to landing with the right one, or just finally braking down and going solo. I want to shed some light with this post about some of the R&B greats that were once in unknown groups before breaking out going solo.

Babyface, one of the best male solo vocalist in our time didn't just come out the woodworks making hit records for himself and others. Babyface first got his first in a band called Manchild. He was the lead guitarist for the band also lend his vocals for such records as "Especially For You" and "One Tender Moment". The band didn't last too long, but the wasn't the end for Babyface. He went on to start a group with this friend Antonio "LA" Reid called The Deele. In this group he played the keyboard and was one of the lead vocalist. They had smash hits like "Two Occasions", and "Shoot Em Up Movies". He made a lot of noise with these two groups, but didn't see his success really come until he left the group The Deele in 1988. There him and LA Reid formed a song-writing and producing team, and also starting a solo career for himself.

Luther Vandross
LUTHER! LUTHER!! LUTHER!!! A legend of timeless love ballads, and also one of the greats when it came to live performances. Luther was apart of group called Change. Change came out with there debut album "Glow of Love" which the title song was a smash hit and also "A Loves Holiday" which sold a million copies. After the success with their debut album, Luther voiced caught the ear of the mainstream audience which triggered him to leave the group to start his solo career and never looked back.

Anita Baker

Know by man as "The Songstress", Ms. Anita Baker is in a league of her own with her distinctive voice which could silence a mad house. Anita was apart of a group called "Chapter 8" which was their debut album.
They had a smash hit called "I Just Wanna Be Your Girl" which Anita took the show letting her voice guide the composition of the song. After the first album done, the group let the manager convinced that she didn't fit in the group and that her voice wasn't that good (Dummy). So after being kicked out the group, labels came knocking down her down offering deals to start her solo career and the rest was history.

This is what I love about the past, people had to go through a lot as far working your craft right, or just finding your niche. Today you just don't see things like in the artist like I said earlier in the post. If people could take their time in music, they would have a longer career instead being here and being gone like the McRib.

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