Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Black Milk AOTY Review

“Album of The Year” is one hell of a title to name your album, especially in the competitive genre of Hip-Hop. This Detroit MC/Producer wanted to push himself because of the critical acclaim he got with his last album “Tronic”. This latest album from him, he wanted to push the envelope with his authentic sound and also set the bar for other Hip-Hop artists.
                Black Milk starts off the album with a song called “365”. The album picks right up where it ended with his last one “Tronic”. With the assistance from his drummer, Daru Jones, Black Milk opens the album with an introspective about this past year. From losing one his mentors, Baatin, and also his aunt, Black Milk shows a personal side of him his fan doesn’t see too much, but doesn’t get too emotion. The song gives you a great overview with what’s been up with him prior to the album and also a great introduction.
                “Welcome (Gotta Go)” starts off with that Boom Bap sound that Black Milk is known for.  He doesn’t waste a minute going in representing his city and letting the world know that Detroit is a hard working city. The song gives you a feel that the roller coaster ride has started, and you’re not about to get off anytime soon.   
                “Keep Going” starts off with hard guitar rifts, and drums that sounds clumsy which gives the song a unique sound which he aims for every time. Black goes in talking about how being at the top of his game, and he’s in his own lane and don’t plan on stopping. He touches on things that I’ve been pondering about, like when they are going to give him his props and how he’ll keep doing his music with a chip on his shoulder until he’s crowned. I say this because Detroit has always been underrated when it comes to music and they’ve had some of the best musicians come out the city, but still doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.
                With the song “Oh Girl” Black goes describes a situation at least ever man has been through. He talks about meeting different women, and how his main lady is listening to her friends thinking he’s cheating on her. Black raps about how the business and how girls are around trying to get to him, but it’s no need to worry about the cheating. It’s a nice song, but I don’t care too much for the song, because this concept has been done too many times by other artists.
                “Deadly Medley” fits this song perfectly. Black goes and grabs Detroit’s finest Elzhi, and Royce Da 5’9 to bring havoc to this record. This record is so incredible from the raw sample to the lyrics, it reminds me putting the best players all on one team and dominating the competition.
                With the song “Distortion” he talks about his problem he dealt with. He touches on his manager Hex Murda having a stroke and not wanting to make music anymore with all the madness that was going on in his life. Black sheds a little more light on his life and how it’s been for him which gives a different perspective on him as an artist. It showed his growth as a MC to express himself to his fans.
                “Over Again” Black gives a description of his life while he’s on tour. He describes his day as being the same thing from going from city to city and the same old mic check for each show. The song has a nice laid back feel that let Black Milk express himself about being on the road where he could be in the studio being creative.
                “Round of Applause”, and “Warning” are great fillers for the album which gives Black Milk a chance  to display his skills with the wordplay, metaphors, and most importantly the production. He lets the band just go crazy at the end of the records with these dynamic jam sessions, that makes keeps your head nodding till the point you can’t stop.
                The highlight of the album is “Black and Brown”. With the violins at the beginning of the song and it builds up to first verse, you know it’s about to be an event, not a record. Black attacks the record and sets the bar for the record. With every lyric he throws out, it seems like he has the spirit of a young Mike Tyson, just going for the knockout and not wasting a minute. With assistance from one of my favorite rappers, Danny Brown, Danny attacks the record with his frantic, no-holds bars flow which takes the record to another level. This has to be my favorite song on the album, but the downfall for the song is too short. It comes on so raw and energetic, it leaves you wanting me and hoping those two will work together again soon.
                Black Milk gives another banger with the song “Gospel Psychedelic Rock”. Black fuses gospel and rock with the hard guitar rifts and a choir to bring the record together. Closing the album he has a song called “Closed Chapter”. With this smooth sample, Black cruises through the track, reflecting on his life and how things are looking on the up and up and he wants to continue his better his craft.
                “Album of the Year” in my opinion is really the best title it deserves. From the production to the guest appearances, Black conducts a Hip-Hop masterpiece and also pushes Detroit to the fore front to the world to let them know that Hip-Hop lives and Black Milk is their to provide the heartbeat.

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  1. He sounds like an interesting artist. I am always interested in hearing more music from local artists.