Saturday, November 13, 2010

D.I.T.C. Jay-Z "Addicted To The Game" x The Jackson 5 "Give It Up"

This Jay-Z song is one of my personal favorites. This song is unreleased, but spread like wild fires once it was out and was on everyone's mix CD in high school. I hope you enjoy the music. PEACE!!!


  1. I keep checking and all you ever write is tiny little line then you put all this so called music on. I really wish I could understand it Maybe someday you will write something more along the lines of what rap really is and what they are saying. I would really appreciate that.

  2. Hold on....if you look my post I've written post a lot of times about the music, things that are influenced how it's grown thus far. Now with the rap, my blog is not just put a big post to break break down what rap is, my blog is about the music, and enlighten people on other artist I think that's great that people need to hear, and just to bring knowledge on things that need to addressed. So with that being said, I've never said I was going fully educate people on the music, if anything, take what you get from my blog and do the research yourself if you really want to know more.