Sunday, November 7, 2010


I know I was suppose to write on this like week ago, but to me, sometimes you have to sit on a thought and let it grown until it's the right time for it to blossom. With this post, I'm not going to give you info on his life, his career, and etc, because you can Google that. What I'm going to do is write on the impact he had behind those two turn tables that sparked a magical time in Hip-Hop and the culture.

Jam Master Jay a name that's held highly when it comes to Hip-Hop, he's had a great effect on everyone he's touched personally to someone just picking up a RUN-DMC record. I can remember as a child sitting in my living room, and watching RUN-DMC nodding my head to the song. But what caught my eye was JMJ (Jam Master Jay) and what he was doing in the background. JMJ didn't rap but he brought a element to the group that RUN or DMC couldn't do and that was bringing those two turn tables to life. JMJ would be on stage holding his own right along with RUN and DMC but scratching, and rocking the crowd and keeping them in tune with the MC's. It got to a point to where people loved what he was doing so much they have to give him his own spot during the set.

I can talk about it all the day, but you have to see it for yourself

JMJ didn't only contribute his talents on the turntables but as knowledge about original. When Hip-Hop was first introduced, you had groups dressing in these weird, crazy, and kind of disturbing costumes.

Like this...

Yea weird right. When JMJ saw this, he told the group that we need to be original, and go against the grain. With that being said, they came with the black hats, Levi jeans, all black leather outfits, and their infamous Addidas sneakers with no shoe strings. With that move, it proved that being original and against the grain works when you're building on the art and you want to see it continue the grow. Most importantly, other MC's start creating their image so they could have their identity, and be able to stand out.

The impact Jay made on the art of Deejaying was powerful. It was other DJ's that came before Jay like Grand Master Flash, Dj Hollywood, Red Alert, and others that did it great, but Jay showed that you could your create your own identity using your that talent. The way he cuts, and blend records was incredible, but most importantly controlling the crowd without having to say one word. Other DJ's like DJ Scratch, Kid Capri, Minster. Cee, and others built on what Jay started took it another level.

Even though Jay has been gone for some time now, his presence is felt when you see a DJ in concert, or you hear a old RUN-DMC record, and like DMC said, "You'll see Jay again my friend!" 

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