Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Soulful Sounds in Cinema....

Back in the 70's, you had a lot of movies that hit the silver screen with Soul and R&B artist doing the scores to the movies. The artists grasp different moments from scenes in the movies that a instrumentation couldn't do. Looking back to that era, it seemed great to see black artist being embraced to show their talents in a movie and most importantly seeing the genre expand besides on urban radio. With this post I'll pick some of my favorite songs from cinema and give you a back drop from it. Enjoy!!

Willie Hutch "Foxy Brown Overture"

Mr. Hutch ruled the 70's with his soulful compositions from movies like "The Mack" to "Foxy Brown". Willie really embraced the struggle Foxy had to go through the movie trying avenge her boyfriend's death. While the composition plays, Willie comes with this soulful plead to Foxy to keep pushing and don't let him down. Even though the song is short, Willie gets his points across with the horns and strings assisting him...sound so soulful don't you agree.

Phyllis Hyman "Magic Mona"

The late great Phyllis Hyman blessed her presence with the soundtrack "The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh". It was a lot of great records on this soundtrack, but "Magic Mona" steal the cake. The record embodied the character in the movie which was Mona the the Physic. The record has a real big majestic sound, and the lyrics behind the composition is great. It gives you the same feel that the character Mona gives you with her big personality in the movie.

Marvin Gaye "Don't Mess With Mr. T."

I mean do I have to say his name really?? This man contribution really put this movie on top with his soulful voice and willing to embrace the identity of the movie, and make it his life so the music could come to life. With the "Trouble Man" Soundtrack, it wasn't a lot of singing. It seemed as if Marvin watched the movie and took different scenes or characters brought their character to life through his music. With the song "Don't Mess With Mr. T." He digs into the character "T" and his background of being the one not to be messed with,  because he's coming back to get revenge.

James Brown "The Boss"

The Godfather of Soul put his larger than life but his demanding attitude in this soundtrack "Black Caesar". "The Boss" was a great record off the soundtrack, and also gave a  anthem for people who thought they were bosses as well. This song proved to be a crossover into reality for some and becoming a instant classic.

I could go on and on and on...but I'm not. I'll you let go guys go dig up some more songs, and enjoy more of then for your own convince. I hope you enjoyed this post. PEACE

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