Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hello ....

Since I can remember I always been a fan of music. I remember my mom playing music on a Saturday afternoon, cleaning the house and I would be sitting there watching WWF Superstars in the living room, and just nodding my head to the music. As time went on I grew a heavy love for Hip-Hop being around my old cousins and they would sit around and watch music videos and just letting the hard hitting beat and the rhymes puncture my ear drums and leave craving for more.

I remember the first time I feel in love with Hip-Hop, I was sitting in the living room of my aunt's house with my cousin and YO MTV Raps was on. They premiered Kool Moe Dee's latest video "How Ya' Like Me Now?". When the video came on, I was just captured by how he commanded attention with the lyrics, the wordplay, and delivery was just second to none. After that I knew this was something I wanted to be apart of my life and I wanted to grow right along with it,

With my love for Hip-Hop growing, I saw that they were using sampling. They would use old R&B records from artist and find a break in the song, they would take that break, loop it, put drums behind it, and it would become a instrumental for the artist. I was curious about what songs they were using so I would look in the production credits find the sample, and look for the original song. Picking that skill up also further my love for R&B and looking deeper into the music and the stories that made the songs.

Coming of age I started to look more deeply into music, I started to do research on the producers, the artist background, and how was the process putting together a album. With this blog I will be focusing on Soul Music (R&B) and Hip-Hop. I will be posting up videos of certain artist I admire and up and coming artist on the rise, links to audio, and also my random thoughts on music. I hope everyone that comes to my blog be able to get something out of my blog from just discovering new music or just furthering their knowledge on the two genres.

This is the video that made me fall in love with Hip-Hop


  1. Very nice. I'm not really big into r&b and hip hop but I like a ton of different kind of music (cliche I know). I always have music on when I can. Wherever I can. This is gonna be a fun blog.

  2. Thanks for the post...yea that's the main focus just to keep it fun and informative....

  3. I liked your profile statement about bringing people together-and music is a perfect medium for that! I am entertaining the thought of becoming a Secondary Ed English major, after working in a high school as a mentor and At-Risk Tutor. I fell in love with teaching, and music, English, and history go hand-in-hand when trying to connect this knowledge with teenagers. Dick Clark said that "Music is the soundstack of our lives", and I'll be checking back to see what you've found in the crates this week!