Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mr. Womack

If you love music, I think everyone should everyone should have that one artist that does music from the gut, and Mr. Bobby Womack is my pick. Bobby Womack started his career as the lead singer for The Valentinos, and then after that stint he joined Sam Cooke's band as the backing guitarist. He penned hits for Rock and Roll legends Rolling Stones, and also New Birth.

Bobby Womack wrote songs for the people that were at the bottom of the bottom, to people just trying to get in the mood to have a great weekend. More importantly, he went again the grain from what other R&B singers were doing because he wanted his music to be pure and people could feel his passion when the record came on. "Harry Hippie" which was one of the Bobby's greatest hits, the song was about his late brother and how he always wanted help but never wanted to help himself, with that going on, it effected his family in a negative way, and he would just walk around like nothing was wrong at all. "Harry Hippie" was a song that everyone can relate too because we have one in our family or you know someone that has one. Records like that really put Bobby in lane of his own and he would continue with that same formula.

One thing that I love about Bobby Womack is that he wasn't scared to show that famous people are humans too and they make mistakes too. Bobby wrote a song called "Facts of Life" and he majority of the time he explains what entertainers go through and that just cause their under the microscope, their humans too. Later on the song, he give a short story about meeting a lady after a performance, he thought they made a connection with her and he approached her and asked her did she want to come up to his room for a drink? Her reply was "you could buy me a drink right here! You just want me to get up in your room!" He explains that he knows that makes females feel bad, and people just have to be up front and be truthful with yourself about things in life overall. In conclusion, Bobby Womack made songs that stood the test of time and is able to relate current events going on in the world today.

Here's two timeless classic of his:

Harry Hippie

Facts of Life/He'll Be There When The Sun Goes Down

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