Monday, September 20, 2010

"J.A.'s Saturday Morning Line-Up"

Besides me being a full-time student, last year I've ventured into helping put together Hip-Hop albums. The latest album I'm contributing to is called "Hello Saturday" by a Flint artist by the name of J.A. . In marketing him to give him a buzz out here on the net, we've came up with "J.A.'s Saturday Line-Up". Remember every Saturday you would get up, grab you some breakfast and turn on the Tv. and be sitting there eagerly waiting on your favorite Tv. to come on? *Sit there and think for a min...Great you remember! So with this, J.A. is going to be releasing a freestyle every Saturday morning leading up to his release to his debut album "Hello Saturday". Here's the two first entries of the series.
Here's the second entry of the series where he flips J.Cole's "Premeditated Murder", here's the link to the download, shout outs to 

Last week entry: "Black Mags Freestyle"


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