Friday, September 24, 2010

My Ipod Shuffle

I can't keep my ipod on me at all times, I basically can't live without it! Having over 6,000 songs on it, I don't even look for albums to play because it's too many pick. So with that, I just keep on shuffle and just let the luck of the draw handle my pickings to listen to. With this post I'll just post videos of the random songs that came up on Ipod today.

Phil Collins & Philip Bailey "Easy Lover"

Don't get it twisted, I'm not just Hip-Hop and Soul all day, I love Phil Collins!

Guy "Teddy's Jam 2"

Jam....oh Jam...Jammmm...Teddy jam for me!

Jay-Z "Hovi Baby"

One of the best...if not the best

Goodie Mob "Free"

Powerful words

Enjoy PEACE!!!

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