Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sometimes You Have To Look Beyond The Words (Maybach Music Trilogy)

In 2008, Rick Ross started the "Maybach Music" series on his sophomore album "Trilla". Each part of the series had a A-1 list of rappers including, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, T.I. and etc. To me I think people overlooked Rick Ross verses or they don't go beyond what he's saying in the verses and jumping into his shoes for a moment. One night I was over one of my friend's house, and we having our usual conversation about music. The latest part of the Maybach Music series (Maybach Music 3) came up it was a lot of mixed reviews in the room. The one comment that sticks is when my friends just yells out, "He's not even talking about the damn car!" I sat their and listen to his explanation of not liking his verse and I just keep telling him it's something about what he's saying in that song that has a point. After leaving my friend's house, I turned the song on and listen to his part over and over again until I got home. When I pulled up in the driveway, it came to me. He's telling ongoing story about him and his come up in correlation with luxury dream I would love to have which is the Maybach.. So with this post, I'll be examining his verses from Pt. 1- Pt.3 to show the connection between them and the story he's telling.

Maybach Music Part. One

Maybach Music Pt.1 is the first entry into the series and it features none other than the man that introduced the Hip-Hop to Maybachs none other than Jay-Z. Rick Ross starts off the song basically giving us a vivid picture of sitting in the back of the car. "In the rear, so many instruments I hear, tucked behind curtain, no signs to fear." With those a couple of words, as if he describing his first time entering a Maybach looking at the curtains that cover the windows and listening to instrumental coming through best start of the art of car stereo for a vehicle. To me, when a person arrives to a certain place to purchase that type vehicle they want to stay in that space and become better at whatever they do. Even though in the song he states that picking being a thug does bring many worries, he knows that in order to keep this lifestyle inspired by this car things have to change and we'll in the later series. 

Maybach Music Pt. Two

In the second entry off the album "Deeper Than Rap", Rick Ross gets assistance from Kanye West, Lil Wayne and T-Pain. Rick Ross doesn't waste anytime letting you know how things have been for him since the purchase of his first Maybach. "57, 62, tell me how ya wanna move, yeah you know I got them both." The success has got even bigger for him that he's been able to purchase two types of them. Seeing this type of progress, puts you in the mindset that's he's really coming into his own. 

"I was barely gettin pretty women
Now i scoop any winner like kitty litter
Any winner
Fendi denim like a slender nigga
Lookin in the mirror
I can see the real contender"

With those couple of bars he puts you in his shoes that before he got all of this, he wasn't dating the best looking women, and now he's picking any women he desires. He's able to get custom clothes made from high-end clothing companies that don't even make clothes for big men. With everything going his way, he looks into the mirror knowing he's of the best and he's able to run with the best. 

Maybach Music Pt. Three

With the latest entry off his latest album "Telfon Don" Rick Ross has assistance from some more Hip-Hop heavyweights T.I. and the underrated Jadakiss and the Ms. Erykah Badu on the chorus. When the song comes in, it gives you a feel that you're about to witness a movie being made right in front you. T.I. and Jadakiss respectively gives their experience with the luxury vehicle but this time around for Rick Ross, he went another route and explained his come up. When Rick Ross verse comes up, the beat changes up and it prepares you for another scene and horns builds up the emotion for you to hear Rick Ross pour his personal experience into the verse. "I came alive like a moth in the summertime." Just with that first bar, he describes his come up and what he's become thus far. He taps into his younger days of  struggling and making something out of nothing without a father figure having to lean towards the street life. The line "Me and money got a vendetta, looking at back to tell you the truth, I could've did better. With the all success he's having, he's still thinking about the times to where he had moments to where he could've made better decisions and could've possibly been bigger than what he is now. All in all, he takes you back to where he first started, and the struggle of his parents and now it's not a problem to purchase anything they want.

I hope you guys see the connection and ongoing story Rick Ross is telling from the time he purchase of his first Maybach to where he's got to a point in his life to where's he's at the top of the world and he's reflecting what got him and here and he still wants more. I hope you all enjoyed the music and take the time to do a little more research on his music for your own personal enjoyment.



  1. So, he's telling a it.

  2. I do not understand this type of music it just goes over my head but I am glad so many people "get it" Jan